First automatic sync for Hubspot properties

Hate manually copying Hubspot property data? Now you can automatically copy and update properties between contacts, companies and deals.

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No more monkey business

Manually updating properties on different records in Hubspot?
That's monkey business... But, admittedly we did it too.

We wanted to filter deals by properties on contact records.
But we had to manually copy properties from contacts to deals 😟

Then we talked to other Hubspot users - same problem.
In fact, it’s the top 3 most requested Hubspot feature.

That’s why we built Property Mapper.
For all the sales teams that want to focus on sales.

Get started in 5 minutes

1. Log in with Hubspot

Connect your Hubspot account. We'll sync your existing properties.

2. Set up mapping criteria

Set up property synching and forget about it.

3. Enjoy synced property data

Be able to do filtering and analytics on top any kind of property.


Never again manually update properties. Focus on selling.


Sync contact <> company properties

Now you can automatically copy any contact property to a corresponding company property. Be able to finally rely on your reports.


Sync company <> deal properties

Want to transfer company properties every time you create an associated deal? Now it can be done automatically.


Sync contact <> deal properties

Need to manually copy specific contact properties on associated deals all the time? With Property Mapper, every associated deal can automatically get populated with contact properties.


Stop wasting your precious time. Avoid manually updating properties between contacts, companies and deals.

For individuals
For companies with less than 200 deals.
  • Sync ongoing property changes
  • Free support
For teams
/ month
  • Sync ongoing property changes
  • Free support & onboarding